Our employees share their stories

  • Nick Harrison joins TEDI-London workshop to shape future curriculum

    The workshop explored how coaching and mentoring can be embedded in TEDI-London’s engineering programme to maximise learning and development opportunities for students, whilst also focusing on employability.

  • Waterman volunteers inspire the next generation

    Building on our strong relationship with the Construction Youth Trust and St Marylebone School, a number of Waterman colleagues participated in their school engagement activities during November.

  • ICE meet our Civil Engineering Apprentices at the Passmore Centre

    ICE’s Janet Benefo met with 16 apprentices as they discussed the Institution of Civil Engineers Training Scheme.

  • Providing the ‘Next Steps’ as Business Ambassadors

    Nick Harrison and Charlotte Hitchens attended the Next Steps Employability event in Bromley on 29 January to meet with sixth form students as they consider their options for further education.

  • Environmental workshops at King’s College

    Environmental Consultant Hamid Atta challenge students with practical engineering exercises in real projects.

  • Lauren Hutchings

    CAD Technician – Building Services

    “Being a part of this team has definitely helped me grow into a better, more confident person”

  • Ottavia Rispoli

    Associate – Structures

    “The creativity of an engineer is never going to be replaceable, it’s everywhere – your iPhone, car, the underground, video camera, as well as the building you are sitting in”


  • Michael Owen

    Senior Engineer – Building Services

    “I gained a greater appreciation of Japan and its culture”

  • Monika Modzelewska

    Graduate – Building Services

    “I had dreamt about becoming an engineer ever since I was a child and it has turned out even better than what I imagined”