• 25 January 2022

Demystifying green building credentials: Waterman joins Make Architects for CTA video podcast

With the UK plotting a course to a net zero future, sustainability has never been higher on the agenda for businesses.

As a result, ‘sustainable’ buildings are becoming increasingly desirable as many organisations seek to reduce the environmental impact of their operations through targeted ESG policies and business strategies. This has led to growing pressure for developers and design teams to demonstrate the ‘green’ credentials of their buildings.

However, with multiple green building certification methods now commonplace, understanding what truly makes a development sustainable can be challenging for commercial tenants when selecting their office spaces, and that’s before they consider the embodied and operational carbon impacts.

To shed some light on this tricky topic, Waterman’s Mark Terndrup and Sophie Murray joined Oliver Hall of Make Architects and Stephen Pippard of the Commercial Tenants Association (CTA) for a special on-demand video podcast.

The CTA is an advisory bureau which was established to support commercial tenants and drive permanent change in the commercial property sector. They offer expert advice and guidance for members particularly relating to tenancy negotiations, compliance and occupation.

In this video podcast, the expert panel outlines the main building certification methods – BREEAM, WELL, EPCs and NABERS – discussing the pros and cons of each, explaining what they assess, the ranges of performance ratings and describing what these mean in real terms for tenants.

The panel also explores how tenants can unpick the embodied and operational carbon footprint of facilities, considers why this matters and how tenants can check the carbon credentials of prospective lets. They give an overview of what to look for in whole life carbon assessments, explain how to understand industry benchmarks such as those established by GLA, RIBA and LETI for embodied carbon, and outline how to verify net zero carbon claims. The embodied carbon impact of fitouts and replacement building services systems is also considered, with the panel highlighting why selecting the right building with suitable systems already in place can help minimise tenant’s overall environmental impacts.

To watch the video podcast, click here.

For more information about CTA, click here.

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