• 14 May 2012


Waterman launches New Sustainability Group Future360

The sustainability performance of a business is a key factor in its continuing success. The question is, how is sustainability performance measured and how do you follow a course to improve performance year on year and meet future targets?

To help our clients achieve a clear and measurable understanding of their sustainability performance, Waterman has brought together a number of key specialists to provide a bespoke service in areas such as corporate sustainability strategies, carbon reduction, renewables, climate change and flood risk, water conservation strategies and waste management.

The importance of sustainable development is highlighted by a number of Government strategies, with a growing acceptance of an imminent need to consider and tackle climate change. The main objective of sustainable development is to ensure a better quality of life for all people today, without compromising the needs of future generations.

We believe the focus on sustainability needs to be from cradle to grave, helping achieve better performance now and developing a plan to future proof a client’s investment. This approach, along with the need to take a holistic view, considering both the present and the future, spawned the group’s name of Future360.

Nick Taylor, Chief Executive of Waterman Group, commented; “At Waterman we realise the importance of sustainability in every aspect of the services we provide. We believe that to provide truly sustainable solutions for our clients, we need to infuse sustainability into our company culture and we are working hard to ensure this is one of our core values. We also recognise that sustainability is key to the growth of Waterman. In recognition of this, I am proud to announce the launch of our Future360 group.”

Waterman has a strong track record in relation to delivering sustainability services within the built environment and the Future360 team brings together a multi-disciplinary capability. The team offers a wide range of services and solutions from sustainable investment advice, sustainable design and construction, through to decommissioning and divestment strategies, the full ‘360’ of the property lifecycle. Our aim is to measure current performance of estates and buildings, compare these to industry best practice and provide concise advice on how to make improvements. Our capacity also extends beyond the built environment to renewables and infrastructure projects and other sectors such as healthcare.

We are committed to delivering innovative, pragmatic and commercially viable sustainable solutions to clients. Our approach to sustainability is to focus on improving the performance of the projects and managing the risk for our clients by addressing environmental, social and economic aspects, challenges and goals as part of every project. Our Future360 team is involved in research projects on cutting edge sustainability issues and technologies and we seek to bring this innovative approach to all the projects we work on. This approach is supported by the range of environmental, engineering and sustainability expertise offered within Waterman.

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