• 23 June 2020

Shaping the world as part of International Women in Engineering Day

Waterman is proud to celebrate the seventh year of International Women in Engineering Day (#INWED20) today, 23 June.

This year’s #INWED20 campaign focusses on the achievements of our inspirational female engineers as part of their #ShapeTheWorld theme. Using selfie cards, people around the world are joining in to celebrate the great things that engineers do, how they shape the world and help make our planet a better, safer, more innovative and exciting place to be.

View our video which features Sam Rogers, Karishma Honap, Georgia Lilley, Anna Bacon, Ellen Smith, Souroni Hazra, Rebecca Cadwallader, Magda Figan, Ruth Tatanga, Charlotte Hitchens and Ruth Bateman. To find out what they have to say, click here.

Our STEM Ambassador, Ruth Tatanga, will also be supporting #INWED20 by taking part in two special webinars hosted by SheCanEngineer and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Aimed at encouraging both the next generation of female engineers and their parents, the webinars can help kick-start conversations around choosing engineering as a career from an early age.

Taking place on today at 3pm, the first hour-long webinar sees five female professionals from different backgrounds and engineering disciplines give a short engaging talk on their work. The live broadcast will include a Q&A session where attendees can type their questions and the engineers will respond. The second webinar will follow the first, taking the form of an interactive workshop where people can learn some fun engineering skills.

For more information and to book your free place, click here.

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