Auburn Power Centre, New South Wales

A centre of 32,000m2 over two levels with parking for over 600 cars on a multi-deck carpark.

Key features: Naturally ventilated basement carparks and ventilated mails and atrium, night purging of building in summer, natural light to retail tenancies and atrium, stormwater detention system, economy cycles on air-conditioning and computer based lighting and air-conditioning control system

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    The new Axis retail centre in Plenty Road, South Morang services a rapidly expanding area of the Melbourne suburban area.

  • Frankston Bulky Goods Centre, Frankston, Victoria

    Purpose built 45,000 m2 bulky goods centre. Key initiatives included rainwater harvesting, economy cycles on air-conditioning, computer based lighting and air-conditioning control system, stormwater detention system, stormwater management system and outdoor environment for public circulation.