Northern Centre for Health Education and Research

Northern Hospital joins forces with multiple Universities to deliver an Educational and Research building on the Northern Hospital site.

The project involved the establishment of a large, purpose-built academic precinct where the health professionals of the future can be trained within their local community; inter-professional learning for healthcare professionals is fostered; and new approaches to healthcare are pioneered and researched for the betterment of patient care.

The Academic & Research Precinct will expand research-led clinical education in medicine, allied health and nursing at Northern Health.

The project is a mixed education, office and laboratory building and incorporates such features as natural ventilation, heat recovery, high efficiency chillers, daylight control of lighting, rainwater irrigation and automatic setback of air-conditioning in low occupancy classrooms.

The academic research building has been contracted on the Northern Hospital site to allow easy and quick access to all hospital departments for on the spot training.

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