As one of the leading mechanical and electrical engineering consultancies, Waterman has an extensive portfolio of projects both in the UK and internationally.

We provide mechanical, electrical and public health design solutions for the built environment that result in environmentally sustainable and energy efficient buildings with minimum operating costs and optimum performance and reliability.

Our success stems from the high calibre of our engineers, our innovative approach to design and the delivery of practical and cost effective solutions. Continuous improvement is integral to our philosophy. Our research and development specialists aim to harness the capabilities of modern technology to develop new services across the range of markets and sectors that we work within. We have focused on developing specialist services within the core business of M&E design to ensure optimum design and efficient operation of buildings. Of particular importance are thermal and computational fluid dynamic modelling and the successful integration of renewable and sustainable energy technologies into the building design.

Operational energy accounts for 80–90% of emissions (and costs) from a building over its design life and effective mechanical and electrical services design is therefore crucial for sustainability success. In order to achieve sustainable, energy efficient designs the company’s approach is increasingly centred on the design of the whole building in partnership with architects and structural designers to optimise the whole life performance.

Our approach to design includes the development of strategies for passive solar shading and maximising daylight, together with assessing the potential for free cooling. Tools such as BREEAM allow us to predict and measure the sustainability of our projects.

Our expertise has grown from a varied workload across a wide spectrum of markets. Designs have been completed on corporate headquarters, residential (including social housing), colleges and universities, office buildings, laboratories and hospitals, museums and galleries, hotels, retail premises as well as a variety of special projects.

We offer the following range of services:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Services Design
  • Low Carbon and Renewable Energy Advice
  • Building Physics
  • Energy Strategies
  • Commissioning Validation
  • Client Monitoring
  • Energy Evaluation/Conservation Reports
  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Maintenance and Technical Audits
  • Public Health Design
  • Renovation Reports
  • Risk Analysis and Cert Services
  • Security Design
  • Surveys and Inspection
  • Vertical Transportation
  • BIM and 3D Interactive Design
  • Energy Performance Certification