Fire Protection & Hydraulic Services

Waterman offer a comprehensive range of fire services:

• Concept and preliminary budgeting through to construction documentation and services during construction.
• The Fire Services division has detailed knowledge of all wet fire services such as:
• fast response and standard response sprinkler systems
• fire hydrants
• hose reels
• deluge and drencher systems
• dry fire alarm detection and occupant warning systems
• gaseous suppression systems

Hydraulics Services

The Hydraulic Services division within Waterman provides:
• Efficient and economical design of plumbing systems for residential, commercial, industrial and technology facilities.
• Our designers utilise the latest computer software and provide designs that take advantage of the latest construction techniques and materials to provide cost-effective and energy efficient projects.

Waterman provide a comprehensive range of services including:
• Sanitary plumbing and drainage systems
• Trade waste plumbing and drainage systems
• Stormwater and sub-soil drainage systems
• Roof drainage systems
• Cold water services
• Hot water services
• Gas systems
• Fire hydrant and hose reel systems
• Sanitary fixtures and tapware scheduling
• Waste water re-use systems
• Landscape watering systems
• Swimming pools, spas and water features
• Recycled water systems