Waterman offer a complete range of services to bring communications and technology projects from their initial planning stages right through to final, high quality completion.

We’re proud of our previous experience in overseeing a wide range of projects, including the roll-out of broadband cabling, MEP design and structural solutions.

Our past projects have required us to work with data centres, telecom facilities and associated commercial facilities, and we have a host of experts within the team who can provide specialist advice to clients to help them find the best communications and technology engineering solutions.

Comprehensive services
No matter what stage a project is at, our comprehensive range of services can ensure successful completion. We can perform design and management, as well as validation, testing and commissioning. We are proud that every project we work on is thoroughly overseen and professionally completed, ensuring our clients’ expectations are exceeded.

Specialised advice
Our team of experienced specialists can assist clients with a range of solutions in addition to our core services. They can provide advice on fire protection engineering, electrical power redundancy, lighting, fire suppression and commissioning. We can also perform energy audits and independent commissioning agent roles as part of our comprehensive advisory-occupancy service.

Extensive communications experience
We have designed and overseen the installation of broadband cabling to all major cities; a huge project which has helped to significantly improve the level of modern communications available in the country. We’re extremely proud of our portfolio to date and look forward to working with more communications and technology businesses in the future.

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