Our healthcare team offers a local service with global experienceAt Waterman we have over 200 projects under our belt in the field of healthcare.

We deal with every aspect of healthcare design, including traditional procurement, managing contracts, ECI and PPP. We use a multidisciplinary approach, blending the experience and expertise of different members of our team – each of whom has their own specialist area – to provide an all-round design package to our customers.

Our team members communicate with each other efficiently and effectively, bringing together their ideas and knowledge to provide a tailor-made service for our clients. Clients have easy access to us through our local offices, whilst those offices draw on the strength of our global expertise.

Repeat business, building lasting relationships
We are very pleased that so much of our work is either repeat business or customers who have come to us through word of mouth. We believe that this high level of customer satisfaction is not only down to the fact that we are good at our job – and deliver excellent service – but also because we pay attention to detail and take care to communicate effectively within our teams and with our customers.

Healthcare today and tomorrow
Our engineers want to design and develop healthcare sector solutions that will meet immediate needs as well as future requirements. The medicine and healthcare sector changes frequently, and the need to develop facilities for the Department of Health and private sectors is vital in reducing later costs and disruption.

Our experience
To give you a flavour of the size of some of the projects we have worked upon recently, Waterman has carried out several new-build and refurbishment works for Royal Children’s Hospital, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Monash Children’s Hospital, Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s Hospital and St Vincent’s Private Hospital.

Our teams
Each of our offices has a core group of dedicated engineers. They are there to ensure that projects are not only possible, but feasible. They are familiar with planning requirements and laws at local and national levels and are qualified to carry out all relevant assessments to ensure the smooth-running of planned developments, helping customers every step of the way.

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