Hotels, by their very nature, have to be versatile in order to appeal to a broad range of customers.

Some people want to stay for leisure and will expect facilities to make their break pleasurable. Others will want to use the same hotel for business either to hold meetings there, or just to stay there whilst away from home for work and will require facilities such as meeting rooms and internet access. Ensuring that a hotel has something for everyone is where we excel.

People’s expectations of their hotel will be largely dictated by how much they are paying for their stay, and here at Waterman we have designed and created many hotels ranging from low budget properties to high quality luxury sites. Some of our hotel clients are Accor Group, Crowne Plaza, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Novotel, Marriott and Travelodge. For these and others we have worked on new builds, refurbishments, extensions and conversions.

Creating sustainable hotels
One key aspect that has had to feature in all of our hotels, however, is the technology and forethought involved in making those hotels sustainable, delivering value for money.

Our teams work diligently to ensure that planning applications are strong by carrying out detailed assessments and feasibility studies, taking into account local and national planning laws, the local environment and local economy. Those same assessments and others – such as site analysis and technical studies – are used not only to put together a viable planning application but to highlight areas that can be made more economical or run more efficiently than originally envisaged.

Specialist, local teams
Our teams of consultants are based in local offices, but draw on extensive experience from our global expert staff. At Waterman we always look for ways to use new technology to carry out our work with greater speed and efficiency, and to create more sustainable buildings.
We build hotels that people want to stay in and do business in, and where employees are happy and comfortable to work. We work closely with all teams to build hotels that will last a lifetime.

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