Meet our Graduates

  • Anna Hozner

    “I find that the projects I am working on are constantly improving my abilities in this profession”

    I joined Waterman’s Building Services team in Manchester after completing my Master’s degree in Poland at the end of 2013.

  • Monika Modzelewska

    “Stop wondering and give it a try, it may surprise you!”

    I graduated from Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, in 2015 and it was whilst studying for my Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering that I started working for Waterman in their Warsaw office.

  • Gregor Gillanders

    “Every day has been a steep learning curve for me, in all aspects of the job”

    My academic interests were always towards maths and design, I even made applications to study Engineering at University before deciding to pursue a full-time sporting career.

  • Sydney – a dream placement

    “I was permitted a greater input and understanding into the practical side of engineering in a whole new environment.”

    Simon Mayor joined our Structures team during his secondment to Sydney.

  • Daniel Bott

    “This industry is incredibly dynamic and constantly in a state of change”

    I am fairly new to Waterman having joined in September, but have settled in well with the Infrastructure and Environment team in Birmingham where I am gaining the experience to become a more rounded Infrastructure engineer.


  • Sophie Ovens

    “I learnt so much from these experiences which can’t be taught in a lecture theatre”

    I have always liked and had an interest in buildings, when I was about 16 I completed 1 week work experience where I saw some blueprint plans and I realised this fitted with my enjoyment of maths and decided to pursue a career in engineering.

  • Cornel Ciurba

    “It is great having something new and challenging to work on”

    Having studied Structural Engineering in Bucharest, I worked for a year in Romania before a friend of mine recommended Waterman to me.

  • Patrick Gardiner

    “It is so rewarding when you get a good piece of work done”

    From a young age, building structures out of toy bricks, I always liked buildings and architecture but leaned towards the problem-solving side of things.

  • Thomas Wright

    “My work is interesting because it’s so varied”

    I was always interested in the way things go together and using different technology; growing up I enjoyed watching as new buildings were built on local building sites and listening to my Uncle talk about his role as an Engineer


As members of the Technician Apprenticeship Consortium (TAC), we are committed to the recruitment, training and development of our Apprentices. As part of our programme, you can develop your skills and knowledge while working on a wide range of high profile projects for a diverse client base, gaining valuable work experience and formal qualifications at the same time as earning a competitive salary.

  • James King

    3rd Year Apprentice – Structures

    “I really enjoy the ability to work independently whilst learning on the job”

  • Jessica Humphries

    1st Year Apprentice – Building Services

    “Every day at Waterman is different, there is always something new to do and learn”

  • Daniel Edmonds

    1st Year Apprentice – Structures

    “I’m constantly learning through practical work”