• 24 July 2017

“Being a part of this team has definitely helped me grow into a better, more confident person”

I started my career at Waterman in October 2013 as a Document Controller within the Building Services team. I had obtained my Accountancy Levels 1 and 2 in September and my neighbour, who has her own recruitment business, suggested I apply for the position as I could help with the accounts side of the business.

Prior to joining, I worked at an equestrian centre carrying out daily duties such as cleaning the stables, feeding and turning out the horses to the fields. The stable owner was always buying and selling horses which allowed me to ride and train them before they were sold to clients. I had no plans to leave until the opportunity at Waterman came up – it was the best decision I made as it’s opened the doors to a fantastic career and future to build on.

When first starting as a Document Controller, I was learning the purchase and invoicing process/system and at the time didn’t know anything about CAD (Computer-Aided Design), or that it was an option for me to learn. After two years, it was suggested that I join our CAD team as I was so eager to learn and develop my career. My colleagues have since helped me to further my skills and I’m now a qualified Technician, using software to create designs of plans for buildings and completing engineers’ mark ups. There is still so much to learn and my next step is to advance into additional 3D programmes such as Revit.

Entering an office environment was nothing like I expected, but I enjoy coming to work and find it very interesting. It helps that I have a lot of fun in the office as well as constantly facing challenges within my role. On a personal level, I used to be very shy and was nervous to have a conversation with people that didn’t have the same interests as me. Being a part of this team has definitely helped me grow into a better, more confident person.

Having a good work-life balance is very important to me as well because of my busy life outside of the office. I own a horse called Lotar, he’s 12 years old and I’ve had him for over five years now. I ride 4-5 times a week after work, which means I’m rarely home before 9pm, and I organise riding around socialising with friends and family on the weekends.

Lotar and I have come a long way to get to where we are today. When I first bought him, he was very nervous and feral but has become much calmer as the trust has been built between us. Despite the earlier problems, I knew he was the horse for me and five years later, I couldn’t ask for a more amazing animal.

Lauren Hutchings contentI’m very dedicated and passionate about Lotar and am currently affiliated which is where you compete for money in showjumping competitions run under BS rules with a registered course builder/designer and judge. Standards are consistently high across all competitions and there are additional rules which don’t always apply at unaffiliated level e.g. penalties for resistance if your horse refuses to go forward, halts or rears anywhere on the course. I aim to compete 3-4 times a month as well as training in between to keep Lotar fit and prepared. I did consider riding for a professional show jumping team, but wasn’t prepared to leave my family and live away from home.

Although riding is very different to my day-to-day job, I do believe this dedication is hugely valuable in my work life since I am always happy to learn new things and am not afraid of taking on a difficult task, much the same as training Lotar.

I believe that if you want something hard enough, it will come to you in time – my work as a CAD Technician is showing just that.

Lauren Hutchings

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