• 18 October 2016

“Engineering was brand new to me and has really excited me for my future”

My work experience at Waterman, with their Structures team in London, will remain the one sole experience that really pushed me into the field of engineering.

I can imagine a time 30 years down the line, during a typical engineer’s day, where I think back to where it all began, and I have to say; that valuable week was it.

Prior to attending Waterman, I had no real idea about engineering, or structural engineering for that matter. This lack of knowledge served to enhance the wonderful discovery of the engineering world, which took place when I walked into their office in London Bridge.

The parts of the experience that I really found most invaluable were the exposure to engineering techniques, being involved in discussions with clients and partaking in genuine calculations for buildings. For example, I was asked to calculate the stresses on a column, using methods I had never used before, but using basics of I GCSE physics, the calculations are not as tough as first thought, and I enjoyed the challenge. Furthermore, I was exposed to state of the art software with my very own desk, which was extremely enjoyable to play around with, and it certainly made me feel important.

What was particularly pleasing, was that I had the great fortune of visiting a building site with one of the engineers, which allowed me to see how much an engineers work shapes the world around us, right in the heart of London. Additionally, aside from the engineering side, the daily commute really showed me what working in London is actually like, beyond the large skyscrapers. It is in actual fact one of the most gruelling commutes, with a constant pressure on the immense tube system. I also had the great misfortune of having my work experience land during a large rainstorm, where the tube experienced many delays, and the carriages were rammed. It provided me a large insight into the extremes of work in London, and I can honestly say it has opened my eyes to the reality of this.

Despite this; I highly recommend this work experience to any student who has a passion for the sciences, physics and maths in particular, and I myself will be applying to return next summer hopefully. Engineering was brand new to me and has really excited me for my future, and I’m sure it will excite many to come. The experience is one you truly must have.

Naresh Rasakulasuriar