• 13 October 2015

“It is so rewarding when you get a good piece of work done”

From a young age, building structures out of toy bricks, I always liked buildings and architecture but leaned towards the problem-solving side of things. Whilst at the University of Brighton, a friend of the family recommended Waterman and I was accepted on a 10 month placement, following which I was subsequently offered sponsorship and summer placements for the remainder of my studies. It was a great atmosphere to work in and I built up a good relationship with my colleagues.

The work during the summer gets you ready for work, bit by bit, and you get an idea of which elements (that you are studying at University) that will be most worthwhile to life at work. You have the advantage of being able to apply your experiences at University and gaining a better understanding of the industry and particularly the consultancy side – you get a feel for what you will be doing if you pursue a career in engineering.

The most important piece of advice I have been given is to make an effort with everyone as you never know when you may need their help and those connections/contacts will be invaluable to you. I am already seeing the reward of this, as members of my team are always willing to offer their help and support and you feel confident in asking questions when you’re unsure.

You gain so much technical knowledge at work, I think it’s important that people develop their skills at University such as presentation skills by studying a broad range of subjects. This would have benefited me in my day-to-day work, particularly as whilst my role involves structural design and analysis, it also involves putting together progress reports and presentations.

You are offered a lot of support as a Graduate and there is a good team ethos, working together on a project with always something new to do and learn. They are keen to encourage, lead and guide you into the areas that you want to focus on as an engineer.

Waterman has a friendly, sociable environment from team football matches to drinks on a Friday, together with lots of support, resources and exciting projects with added responsibility and ownership over your own development.

Patrick Gardiner

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