“My work is interesting because it’s so varied”

I was always interested in the way things go together and using different technology; growing up I enjoyed watching as new buildings were built on local building sites and listening to my Uncle talk about his role as an Engineer. In Year 10 I chose Waterman to complete my work experience and this confirmed that engineering was the career for me.

Having completed my A-levels in Maths, Physics, Biology and Geography I originally planned to follow the traditional route of going to University to study Civil Engineering, I had already applied when my Uncle told me that Waterman offered the opportunity to study at University on a day release basis. I felt that would be a better way to learn, gaining on the job experience while studying.

It definitely was the right decision for me, as I am able to apply the knowledge from Uni to work, and the skills and knowledge I am gaining at work provide extra depth to my understanding and therefore this assists me in my studies. Having people around me in the office is also a great resource for help on any tricky subjects.

I have now worked for Waterman for 2 years and having worked on a variety of projects, I am always learning. When I first joined Waterman I was involved in Document Control work, but now my role involves both drawing and design, using both CAD and Revit software and assisting the engineers.

My greatest achievement so far is receiving the University Merit Award, while studying my HNC in Civil Engineering for which I was awarded a Distinction from the University of Greenwich. I am now studying for my BEng.

My team is really supportive, they understand my level of experience and therefore, give me the help and support when needed but also push me to complete more difficult tasks to stretch my ability.

It is such a friendly environment to work in, we all get on well socially both inside and outside of work and it has also been great to be invited to more formal work events organised by other companies in the industry.

Whilst busy with work and study I still manage to make time to run six times a week and compete in Inter-County Cross Country events.

Thomas Wright

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