• 13 April 2018

New Building Regulations set to increase energy efficiency standards

The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government has published a draft consultation issue of the new Technical Guidance Document Part L 2019 for Dwellings.

This much anticipated document will see the introduction of the Near Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) standard for all new homes in Ireland from April 2019 with increased energy efficiency standards and changes to the way renewable energy contributions are assessed.

The key changes include;

  • Further 25% reduction in energy use compared to current standards (EPC 0.4 to EPC 0.3)
  • Further 26% reduction in carbon emissions compared to current standards (CPC 0.46 to EPC 0.35)
  • A change from an absolute measure to a percentage based assessment for the renewable energy contribution with the introduction of the “Renewable Energy Ratio” (RER) which will be set at 20% of the total energy consumption
  • New measures to more accurately assess low energy lighting and hot water use
  • Tightening of building fabric backstop performance levels

It is proposed that the new standards will take effect in April 2019, subject to specific transitional arrangements for schemes currently at planning/design stage, with the intention that all dwellings completed after April 2020 will meet the new standard.

The industry has been fuelled by extensive speculation as suppliers of today’s renewable energy equipment claim their particular ‘NZEB solution’ already meets the new standards, however this debate will intensify following the release of the new consultation document.

Waterman’s Building Services team in Dublin are investigating what the new standard for sustainable and energy efficient dwellings will mean for its clients.

Niall Coughlan, Associate Director, says; “The proposed new standards will pose challenges for all residential property developers as they seek to understand what the practical options are for achieving NZEB.  We are tailoring a CPD style seminar for our clients which provides developers, architects and other interested parties with the impartial advice they will need to understand what the implications of achieving the standards are for their developments.”

If you would like to learn more about the implications of the introduction of the NZEB standard for new dwellings, contact Niall Coughlan or call our office at 01 664 8900.

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