• 20 October 2016

SuDS: Good for Business, Environment and Society

Climate NI and ICE recently hosted a workshop in Belfast to discuss the practical implementation of SuDS, Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems, in development projects across Northern Ireland.

Recent legislative changes mean new developments must prioritise the implementation of SuDS measures on site and the workshop represented an opportunity for stakeholders, consultants and policy makers to review existing practices, proposed policies and the challenges to be faced under the auspices of Northern Irish Water.

Our Waterman Moylan team has been implementing complex SuDS schemes on its projects for a number of years and were asked to host a presentation at the event in recognition of its expertise in this field.

Darragh Aiken, a Senior Civil Engineer at the firm, outlined his high-profile SuDS design concept at our 800-home residential development at Honeypark in Dun Laoghaire, detailing the capital and maintenance costs associated with the artificial lake and reed bed system that forms the centrepiece of the project. He also highlighted the necessity for early involvement and commitment of the Local Authority to achieve a successful solution that will easily integrate into the estate landscaping, adding to the biodiversity of the area as well as addressing the complex issue of public safety at a waterbody.

The presentation was very well received and added greatly to the ensuing discussions among the workshop participants.

For further information on our Honeypark project or SuDS schemes, contact Darragh Aiken or Joe Gibbons.

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