British Airways Framework

Waterman has provided engineering consultancy services to British Airways for over 25 years.  The commissions encompass a wide range of projects from office accommodation to aircraft hangars. The services include feasibility reports, condition surveys, alterations and refurbishment and new build structures. The type of works includes structural alterations, concrete repairs, re-roofing and new office and warehouse buildings.


Waterman has provided engineering consultancy services on a number of projects including:

Apron Maintenance  – Heathrow
Waterman has been inspecting and reporting on the condition of the maintenance base aprons since 1994. Waterman was commissioned by BA to carry out a strategic study of the apron condition at their aircraft maintenance base. Following our report approximately 23,000m² of apron was reconstructed using over 10,000m³ of pavement quality concrete. Following the completion of the reconstruction Waterman have undertaken annual inspections of the aprons, 2002 to date. Each year we have designed and detailed the reconstruction/repair works necessary to replace badly damaged bays and repairs to bays that although damaged still meet their functional requirements. These annual works are kept within the annual budget set which varies between £0.5m and £0.25m.

Technical Block C Survey – Heathrow Airport
In order to assess investment and maintenance costs for the next twenty years British Airways commissioned Waterman to carry out an in depth, non-intrusive survey of their Technical Block C (TBC) at Heathrow Airport. Following the survey Waterman undertook the design and specification of the concrete repairs the eight levels of car parking decks and the strengthening of the perimeter barriers.

Fire Main Valve and Hydrant Replacement – Heathrow
Waterman are providing engineering services for the replacement of fire main valves and Hydrants together with the valve chambers. The chambers vary in depth from 0.9m to 4.5m and are located in both aprons and BA base roadways. Waterman surveyed the chambers, valves and hydrants, then designed and detailed the replacement chambers valves and hydrants. We also supervised the works on site.

World Cargo Premia
The building has a plan area of 6550m2 The structure is a steel braced frame with a 35.00m clear span truss over the main hall. The external works comprise a new entrance road, land side parking, airside apron works and new foul and surface water drainage.

New Constant Climate Facility at World Cargo
Waterman provider structural engineering services for this new facility. The structure consists of a steel braced frame with a lightweight steel roof. The building houses an insulated storage facility constructed from interlocking steel composite panels. The crown of the Heathrow Express tunnel is approximately 18m below the existing ground level. Waterman undertook a Boussinesq Assessment to check the increase in stress on the tunnel. This demonstrated a negligible impact on the tunnel and its infrastructure.

Related Projects

  • Emergency Services Building Extension, Dublin Airport

    Our team was appointed to provide full planning, design, health and safety and project management services in connection with a two storey extension to the existing main airside emergency response centre at Dublin Airport.

  • Long Term Car Park, Dublin Airport

    Our team were appointed on planning, design and construction monitoring for the €2.5m 6,100 space at-grade long term carpark for Quik-Park.

  • Central Immigration Control Facility at Terminal 1, Dublin Airport

    We provided multi-disciplinary design team services and health and safety consultancy (PSDS) services in relation to new central immigration facilities on the ground floor of the Pier A link building at Dublin Airport.

  • Dublin Airport

    Waterman has provided engineering consultancy services on a number of significant projects at Dublin Airport.

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