St Clements School

The proposed development involved the construction of temporary modular units, with disabled access and associated paved areas, to provide additional accommodation for the existing St Clements School, Dingwall.

Waterman were appointed to carry out a Flood Risk Assessment in support of the planning application for the proposed extension to St Clements School.

Waterman reviewed the Kinnairdie Link Road FRA which emphasised that flood risk at the site was low.

Following further discussions with SEPA and the Highland Council Flood Team, work was carried out to quantify the risk to the site from coastal flooding, including 3D modelling of coastal flood levels.

Waterman carried out an assessment of coast flood levels for a range of return periods up to a 1 in 1000 year event and identified potential flow paths and breach locations.

The modelling exercise concluded that the site was not considered to be at high risk of coastal flooding.

The FRA was approved by both SEPA and Highland Council, and the development was given Planning Permission.