Waterman Moylan offers the full range of services in the fields of civil engineering, transport and development planning, and infrastructure design.

Our goal is to contribute to the sustainable development and economic growth of the communities in which we work by offering clients advice and solutions that are deliverable, innovative and environmentally sound.

With a client base drawn equally from the public and private sectors, we have the financial and technical resources to undertake the largest and most complex civil engineering schemes through to smaller scale community projects.

Our reputation has been built on the delivery of complex projects within the transportation and development infrastructure markets. By their nature, these markets require expert skills which span a wide range of related disciplines including bridge, highway, rail, environmental, geotechnical, marine and structural engineering, hydrology, transport planning and project management. The expertise of our staff in all of these disciplines is combined in multi-disciplinary teams to deliver successful projects.

Services include:

• Bridge and civil structures
• Contract management
• Development planning and infrastructure design
• Drainage and flood risk studies
• Environmental engineering
• Expert witness
• Flood risk assessment
• Geotechnical engineering
• Health and safety
• Highway engineering
• Land engineering
• Marine and coastal engineering
• Project management
• Railway engineering
• Traffic and road safety engineering
• Transportation planning
• Waste management
• Water supply and treatment.