Air Quality, Dust & Odour

The World Health Organisation has declared air quality problems the single biggest environmental health risk. Air quality targets continue to be breached in many urban locations, despite progress in recent years. In response, the UK government is driving Local Authorities to improve air quality in the shortest timescale possible, resulting  in increased obligations on developers, site operators and occupiers to minimise their air quality impacts.

At Waterman, we have a dedicated team of specialist air quality consultants who provide independent, expert advice and support on all aspects of air quality for Local Authorities, statutory organisations, NGOs, developers, resident groups and operators. Our bespoke service includes:

  • Technical excellence and the latest knowledge
  • Improved prospects for obtaining planning permission
  • Clearly written and presented air quality assessments, which are technically robust
  • Practical and effective mitigation solutions, when necessary
  • An approachable team, who will go the extra mile to provide advice and guidance
  • A team that works closely with planners and environmental managers and therefore understands the wider environmental picture

Our air quality core services include:

  • Implementation of air quality monitoring programs
  • Feasibility studies
  • Air Quality Impact Assessment (either as part of EIA or a standalone technical study) including detailed dispersion modelling, Air Quality Statements and desktop assessments
  • Construction dust assessments
  • Assessment of small-scale heating plant
  • Flue design
  • Mechanical Ventilation design
  • Odour assessments (modelling and monitoring)
  • Waste/Energy/Industrial dispersion modelling (including for Permitting Applications)
  • Local Authority air quality monitoring, modelling and policy reports
  • Provision of design/mitigation advice
  • Peer review of third-party assessments
  • Expert Witness/Public Inquiry Evidence
  • Discharge of planning conditions.