Corporate & Property Due Diligence

Waterman has an award-winning and market leading due diligence team. Our expertise lies in understanding our clients’ needs, identifying issues of material effect, and advising how best to mitigate risk and maximise opportunity within the business model context.

Reports are commercially focused, with potential liabilities financially quantified, enabling our clients to understand the nature of identified risks whether in a single asset transaction or across a diverse portfolio. Our due diligence strategy extends beyond immediate transaction horizons, assessing potentially significant constraints on future operations and/or growth which are critical to clients in realising maximum asset value within their proposed investment horizons.

Our dedicated due diligence team has wide-ranging technical expertise and is organised to provide clients with a single point of contact.  This ensures consistency in approach and delivery, and allows Waterman to operate as a ‘one stop shop’ providing holistic consultancy support.

With the rise of the ESG culture in the investment world, there is a need to add a wider social and governance evaluation to the more traditional environmental and health and safety reviews. Backed by our successful responsible investment team, we have developed efficient sustainability due diligence models and deliver these in-house. Our due diligence services in this area include, early screening tools and more detailed due diligence as the transaction progresses. Our commitment to serve our clients have led us to create bespoke tools and services, aligned to their ESG strategies.

For the real estate market, we have developed a suite of services which allow different levels of screening depending on the scenario. Together with our Phase 1 Environmental Assessment, we have developed the EnviroRisk service for the conveyancing and the lending markets. The versatility of these reports means we can put together bespoke and cost effective solutions for real estate portfolios, focusing the more detailed assessments on those assets that require them.