Our Ecology Teams provide specialist advice in relation to ecological constraints and solutions through mitigation and design strategies.

We are able to undertake all types of terrestrial and aquatic surveys in both greenfield and brownfield sites. Protected species, such as Badgers, Bats or Great Crested Newts, require careful consideration where there is potential for disturbance from development. We have produced an Ecology Survey Calendar as a useful guide to illustrate the optimal survey periods for the various key species in planning terms, see below.

Our ecologists hold Natural England Licences for the handling of protected species and are skilled in the techniques used to determine their presence or absence. We utilise the findings of the surveys to evaluate the site in a planning context and inform ecological ‘constraints’ and ‘opportunities’ advice to our clients.

Where ecological issues are a concern, we will develop mitigation strategies, devise and implement management plans and carry out post development monitoring as required. We can also provide expert witnesses for Planning Inquiries concerning ecological and other environmental issues. Production of evidence for these Inquiries is based on rigorous background research and provides the support essential for a robust case.

We provide an integrated approach in the co-ordination and production of Environmental Statements (ESs) to reconcile the often conflicting pressures of land use changes to each site. Outside of the built environment, we have extensive expertise in the natural environment, advising on sustainability issues surrounding our natural and heritage resources, specifically National, European and internationally important resources.

Ecology Survey Calendar

The ecology survey season starts from early March through to late October when animals will begin to go into hibernation, our skilled team will be out and about undertaking time critical surveys and providing pragmatic advice for our clients.

Make sure you allow enough time to plan and complete relevant surveys to meet planning submission dates!

View our Ecology Survey Calendar here.