EHS Management Systems

Greenspace is a consultant-supported web platform for your EHS Management System. Established in 2004, it supports ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001 and a growing range of standards.

Legal Register, our flagship application, summarises all legislation that affects your operation. Content is constantly updated, and we email you every month to highlight changes.

Aspect Register and Hazard Register sit at the heart your EHS system. Our unique applications present a description, photo and a risk rating.

Compliance Auditor mirrors your Legal Register as an audit report, breaking down each item of legislation into questions and topics. You can record your observations and upload photos or documents as evidence of compliance.

“The Legal Register with Greenspace Portfolio Manager has been used by NHS Scotland since 2008, it is an invaluable tool that provides a central register and individual satellite registers allowing NHS Boards to track environmental compliance across their entire estate.” – Wendy Rayner, Sustainability Manager.

Subscriptions begin at £600 for unlimited users. Contact Guy Jeremiah for a free trial or quote.