Responsible Investment

Recent increased pressures and market trends on Responsible Investment have required greater transparency in the decision-making processes on investment, management and divestment of assets by banks, institutional investors, real estate funds, and private equity funds amongst others.

Waterman has been able to draw from this experience and understanding of the sector to offer holistic services in this regard, covering the key areas of environmental, social and governance (ESG). We have a dedicated Responsible Investment team formed by highly experienced and qualified professionals who provide innovative and cost effective advice worldwide. The team is led by Penelope Latorre who also a member of the BVCA’s Responsible Investment Advisory Board, and has co-authored the Association’s Responsible Investment Guide.

We ensure that all Responsible Investment support is bespoke to our clients, working with their own systems, resource constraints and ideologies to deliver meaningful results. Our service range encompasses:

  • Strategic advice – on Responsible Investment Policies, Frameworks and Strategies to guide our clients through the process of robust, transparent and integrated decision-making;
  • Strategy implementation – developing systems and tools to support high-level objectives including during fund-raising, investment (due diligence), ongoing asset management and compliance monitoring
  • Communications – developing reporting tools to support the communication of Responsible Investment goals to internal and external stakeholders, including progress against objectives and policy goals (e.g. PRI)
  • Training – interactive, face-to-face training of staff, asset managers, and other stakeholders to ensure the principles of Responsible Investment and ESG drivers are understood and embedded within an organisation