Waste Permitting & Planning

Waterman offer extensive experience in obtaining environmental permits and planning permissions for waste facilities.

Our team’s expertise lies in identifying issues of material effect, understanding the client’s needs and delivering efficient solutions that meet or exceed expectations. We also benefit from including former regulators in the team to help challenge overcautious advice or opinions.

Our services include:

  • Appraisals – an impartial assessment of the site and its options
  • Planning advice for waste facilities – choosing a site, options in development
  • Environmental permitting advice for waste activities and processes – selecting the best procedural path, explaining your process
  • Design advice – assisting you to devise a layout, taking account of your operational preferences and the environmental constraints associated
    with the site
  • Applications for environmental permits and planning applications – driving them through the regulator to deliver regulatory consents
  • Handling enforcement issues – many of our staff used to be enforcement officers and can advise you how to address the regulator’s concerns in a way that is consistent with your business needs
  • Appeals – preparation of the documents required to appeal a regulator’s decision not to issue an environmental permit or grant a planning permission
  • Surrender of environmental permit – preparation of site condition report, site decommissioning report and surrender application for submission to the Environment Agency