Michael graduated from University College, Dublin in 2002 and has worked in Structural Engineering firms in Dublin, New Zealand and California. Having spent several years designing in the seismically active New Zealand, he progressed to leading his own project teams and completed projects in high-rise residential and commercial developments, high-end retail and medical facilities.

Michael is a Chartered Structural Engineer with international experience spanning all aspects of the construction industry from the design of high performance medical buildings with critical post disaster functions in areas of high seismic activity to the preservation and restoration of protected buildings.

He is a Chartered Engineer with the Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand and with Engineers Ireland and he is an ACEI Registered Professional Consulting Engineer.

As a result of his time overseas, Michael is comfortable working with various international structural engineering design codes.

In 2011, Michael returned to Ireland and joined Waterman Moylan. He was promoted to Associate in 2015 and runs one of the company’s Structural Engineering teams.

In recent years his team has completed many prestigious developments throughout the country including significant renovation projects involving the repurposing of existing buildings and structures.