• 6 January 2021

Andrew Woodliffe and James Trafford join expert panels at Flood Prevention Conference

Waterman Aspen’s Regional Director for Water, Andrew Woodliffe, will join industry experts to chair ‘The UK’s Response to Climate Change and Flooding’ session at the virtual Flood Prevention Conference on 19 January, whilst James Trafford, Area Manager for Waterman Aspen’s Water Team, will chair the conference’s ‘Major Developments of Flood Defences’ session.

Hosted by BEN (Built Environment Networking), the day-long event will focus on the need for the UK to invest more in flood prevention, discuss the development and construction of flood defences, innovative prevention solutions and how the industry can tackle the climate emergency.

Andrew Woodliffe and James Trafford.

Andrew and James will be joined by thought leaders and decision makers from both the public and private sector, including the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Flood Resilience, Cumbria County Council, Coastal Partners, Leeds City Council and Bristol City Council, as they discuss the strategies being implemented to ensure flood damage is kept to a minimum through associated infrastructure and other strategic projects. They will also consider the potential impact of Brexit on the legislative landscape governing flooding across the UK, demonstrate how to create flood resilient developments and outline how the sector will meet the net zero carbon target.

Waterman Aspen is the leading specialist secondment service provider and part of Waterman Group. As one of the leading organisations in the flood risk management sector, our consultancy and secondment teams’ combined expertise delivers sustainable civil and environmental engineering solutions to clients in the public and private sectors. With over 18 years’ experience, Andrew is Waterman Aspen’s Water Lead, working with a wide range of clients including the Environment Agency, water companies and private sector consultants. James is an Area Manager for Waterman Aspen’s Water Team and has over 20 years’ experience in the management and leadership of project teams, both in the public and private sectors.

For further information on the Flood Prevention Conference, please click here.

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