• 25 June 2015

Approval of complex planning case in East Sussex

Waterman is pleased to announce that they have obtained planning permission, environmental permit and Ordinary Watercourse Consent for a brand new Haulaway Ltd site in Polegate, East Sussex.

The site lies adjacent to a fishery and is surrounded by land designated as “countryside”, which makes the process of obtaining planning permission challenging.

The development includes the construction of a 13m high building, which will cover almost 1,000m² of the 0.5ha site. With its modern design, the building will be purpose-built for the handling of waste and will be the second site for Haulaway in the area. This new site will enable Haulaway to work more efficiently, improve output quality and raise revenue by allowing the firm to sort, pack and store 25,000 tonnes of recovered waste materials that will then be shipped on to end user markets.

The Waterman team modelled the potential noise impact of the proposed activities and devised a specification for a suitable building. In addition, Waterman developed a strategy to drain incident rainwater to a swale – balancing water flow to a nearby watercourse. The plans also included a landscape and visual appraisal, which demonstrated that the building will be suitably concealed from view.

Waterman argued a complex planning case, and assisted with the formulation of a section 106 Legal Agreement, and following this East Sussex County Council granted planning permission.

Matt Mehegan, Technical Director of Waste Permitting and Planning at Waterman commented: “This waste infrastructure project enables value to be recovered from materials which would otherwise be thrown away, it is protective of the environment and provides jobs for local people. It reflects the three dimensions of sustainable development by ensuring economic, environmental and social progress. It has been a fascinating project to work on and I am delighted with the results.”


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