• 28 March 2017

Camboo Bamboo Landmark Design Challenge – shaping the future of building with bamboo

Fifteen members of staff from our Structures team in London joined 64 other entrants in the submission of their unique pavilion for the Building Trust’s 7th international Camboo Bamboo Landmark Design Challenge.

Each entry was to be a central temporary structure that provided a design solution to building with bamboo, with the winning design being built as the central landmark for the CAMBOO: 2017 bamboo festival in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, this March.

Camboo Bamboo contentOur team aimed to design a pavilion that would inspire and introduce visitors to a versatile structural form that was aesthetically pleasing, simple to construct and cost effective. They named their proposal Modul-ON and took inspiration from the structural form of an octahedron.

By creating moveable and versatile shapes, the pavilion was to be environmentally friendly and easily dismantled for future use as a market/children’s play area/arts and craft exhibition once the festival had ended.

Modul-ON’s structural flexibility was to further capture the minds of the public by the placement of miniature models as a ‘frontage activation point’, allowing festival revellers to create their own combinations of the basic module and overcome the widespread stigma of using bamboo within the construction industry.

Although their design was not selected as the winning construction, our Structures Associate Director, Ottavia Rispoli, said of the challenge; “It’s been inspiring watching our team members putting forward ideas and being very passionate about their concepts. As engineers, we don’t often get the opportunity to explore our artistic potential with materials that aren’t typically used in construction.”

Kevin Paldano, Structures Design Engineer and Modul-ON team member, commented; “Participating in such competitions enables everyone to think outside the box and push their creativity to its limits. We hope to build on this and increase Waterman’s presence in future design competitions.”

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