• 6 November 2018

Eltham Hill School’s Young Women’s Conference

As part of Eltham Hill School’s Young Women’s Conference, Rebecca Cadwallader, Ottavia Rispoli and Sophie McCabe visited the secondary school in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, London, to discuss breaking gender stereotypes within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers.

Joining a range of speakers from the BBC to actors, our team shared their experiences of breaking into Engineering and hosted a hands-on workshop where up to 35 students and teachers built a structure out of spaghetti and marshmallows to support the weight of a Kinder egg. With a 45-minute build time, the winner was determined by the tallest structure that could support the egg for the longest time.

After the winners were announced, the students were engaged in a discussion about the meaning of triangulation and how this helped them to build their towers out of the two ‘materials’. Rebecca commented; “The girls asked lots of questions and really engaged with what we had to say which was very rewarding. It’s a pleasure promoting the industry to young women, especially those so keen to learn.”

Ottavia said of the event’s overall success; “I was really impressed by how enthusiastic the girls were and feel confident that we have inspired a few of them to follow in our footsteps and possibly become the next generation of Engineers. We look forward to partaking in more workshops like this with Eltham Hill in the future.”

You can also view further information on STEM Learning, by clicking here.

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