• 23 September 2016

Finding a long-term solution for our transport infrastructure

John Craft, a Principal Transport Planner based in our Glasgow office, is a member of the Scottish Policy Forum (SPF), a sub-committee of the Chartered Institute for Highways & Transportation (CIHT) which aims to receive and review requests for Scottish consultation, and the UK where it relates to Scotland, for matters affecting transport.

We are proud to support John’s proactive work as part of the sub-committee, a briefing on transport was produced in the run up to the Scottish Parliament elections in May 2017, which has recently been featured in an article within the Herald. You can read their article discussing the importance of the government’s investment in major links to the road and rail network, both within Scotland and the rest of the UK, here: http://www.heraldscotland.com/business/business_extra/14679769.Transport__How_far_does_this_take_us_/

It is CIHT’s aim to communicate issues such as long-term funding and the uncertainty that beholds the future needs of transport by taking into account society changes and improvements in technology. These topics were discussed further in a series of workshops by Professor Glen Lyons, Founder of the Centre for Transport & Society. The workshops looked into specific events throughout the UK to highlight key messages for resolving uncertainty, answering concerns regarding the delivery of transport needs, providing levels of comfort, and the pathway from current to desired decision making. You can explore his work with CIHT here: http://www.ciht.org.uk/en/knowledge/futures

For more information, please contact John Craft

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