• 9 November 2018

How would you change the planning system if you were Prime Minister?

Milly Bowen, an Environmental Consultant in our London office, took to the stage at this year’s Young Planners’ Conference in Nottingham to answer the Royal Town Planning Institute’s (RTPI) competition question; If you were Prime Minister what planning related things would you do?

As one of the four finalists, Milly was asked to present her ideas to over 300 delegates at the two-day conference, hosted by the East Midlands Young Planners, as they discussed ‘Celebrating Planning for the Greater Good’. RTPI President, John Acres MRTPI, was also in attendance for the opening address.

On the second day, Milly spoke about the changes she would implement as Prime Minister, focussing on facilitating and encouraging community engagement with the planning system through the introduction of user-friendly online platforms. She described these platforms as symbols for a new era of community engagement, showing her government to have a serious ear for the voices of local people.

Speaking about the competition, Milly said; “Participating as a finalist and making my public speaking debut was a hugely rewarding experience. I enjoyed proposing my ideas as PM and I’m enthused to get up on stage and do it again.”

Joanna Ward, a Principal Transport Planner in our Nottingham office, also commented on the conference; “Waterman were delighted to be involved as sponsors for the event. It was inspiring to be with 300 Young Planners gathered in one place discussing topics as diverse as the Greenbelt, to providing housing for an aging population. The four presenters, including Milly, had clearly put a lot of time and effort into thinking about what they would do. With such innovative ideas and the passion to make things better, with the right resources, the future of planning in the UK looks very bright.”

For more information on The Young Planner’ Conference, visit RTPI’s website here.

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