• 13 September 2016

Karen Telling joins BCSC Conference expert panel

We are pleased to announce that Karen Telling, Director of Waterman Structures, is joining the speaker panel at the BCSC 2016 Annual Conference the 14th September at Manchester Central.

The retail property event of the year will reflect on existing property markets and the extent to which it has significantly advanced in recent times, particularly as those companies reflecting the market and their customer’s diversity will generate higher and better sales, entering new markets and product innovation.

Karen has been praised by BCSC for the success of her featured article ‘What does 2016 hold for retail’, proving to be the most published article across their social media, and has been asked to join the expert panel in a debate as to why inclusiveness pays off; how our industry can better approach work culture changes and ensuring retail developments are appealing and widely accessible.

Karen and the expert panel’s debate on ‘Why Inclusiveness Pays Off’ is taking place at the Manchester Central on the 14th September 3.15-4.00 pm.

To find out more about the BCSC Annual Conference, please click here: https://www.bcsc.org.uk/events_awards/bcsc_2016_conference/programme/programme

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