• 13 January 2012

Local Government Summit 2012

Rebalancing the economy and delivering sustainable growth is one of the cornerstones of current coalition policy. Key opportunities have arisen to empower locally driven growth by encouraging business investment and promoting economic development.

This conference will inspire, clarify and direct thought processes on the future of local growth by exploring the relationship between central government, local government and the private sector. Delegates will receive practical advice and guidance that will not only help meet the challenges they currently face but go further and provide a practical framework to help deliver local growth.

Managing Director of Waterman Building Services, Neil Lewis, will be addressing the summit to discuss how the construction industry can benefit from better placed investment in energy and sustainability measures.

The talk will review the benefits of offsite versus on-site energy generation, the role of town planners in the process and how carbon efficiency can be improved. Using examples from real case studies, comparisons against other EU members and the problems of investment facing developers, the talk will challenge current thinking and is sure to promote debate.

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