• 23 June 2016

National Women in Engineering Day

We are proud to celebrate National Women in Engineering Day today by highlighting some of our female role models in Waterman.

Joanna, Vikki, Kalliope and Sally are all sharing insight into a their inspiring careers to raise awareness about the opportunities available and to encourage more young women to consider careers in this exciting industry. Find out what they have to say.

Joanna Bagley
I’m not sure I actually chose the industry – it is more like it chose me!

Vikki Aitkenhead
I love the diversity of the industry, be it complex process engineering in industry to testing chemistry in environmental analysis to fascinating geology and topography of the world around us………. all disciplines which are essential to my job.

Kalliope Stefanaki
Like many other industries, engineering and construction is constantly changing and the biggest challenge for both companies and individuals is to stay relevant and adaptable.

Sally Swinburne
Strangely having enjoyed mathematics during my time at school I wanted to work where I was involved with numbers.



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