• 16 March 2020

Site sewerage adoption process set for major overhaul

April 1 2020 will see the launch of the Sewerage Sector Guidance (SSG), which outlines clear new procedures for those developments requiring sewerage adoption agreements.

Approved by Water Services Regulation Authority, Ofwat, SSG will help to streamline the transfer of responsibility and ownership of sewers on development sites, allowing greater collaboration between sewerage companies and developers.

The new process of sewer adoption requires developers to engage sewerage companies and planning authorities much earlier in a project. Starting with a pre-planning enquiry and following through the planning application process, parties must now agree a drainage strategy and maintenance plan in advance of a Section 104 application.

SSG aims to increase sewerage companies’ understanding of a development site’s existing and proposed drainage regimes at an earlier stage. This will allow swifter assessment of whether proposals meet the requirements for adoption, underpinned by the emerging Design and Construction Guidance (DCG) which will replace Sewers for Adoption.

In a fundamental shift from the established approach, SSG and DCG will also provide an opportunity for certain types of sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) to be adopted by sewerage companies.

Derek Armitage, Waterman’s Regional Director for Infrastructure and Environment, said; “It’s clear from the SSG that drainage designs for developments to be offered for adoption will now need to be considered and incorporated in greater detail prior to planning submission. This is something we have been increasingly exploring with Thames Water and Anglian Water to help gauge their willingness to adopt softer forms of drainage. We look forward to assisting our clients with successfully implementing highly-sustainable, adoptable drainage solutions on their forthcoming projects.”

For advice on the Sewerage Sector Guidance, contact Derek Armitage.

For more information on SSG, and to download the full documents, click here.

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