• 25 October 2021

Upcoming ICE webinar: Bridge risk management

In an upcoming free Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) webinar on 26 October at 6pm, experts from Waterman and Henderson Thomas Associates will discuss how taking a holistic approach to highway bridge asset and risk management will help prevent future bridge collapses.

Waterman’s Timothy Grimshaw, Amrit Ghose and Jagvinder Singh will be joined by Warren Thomas of Henderson Thomas Associates to examine the industry-wide shift in the management of hidden defects in bridges resulting from the 2009 Stewarton Rail Bridge collapse. Triggering an overhaul of the UK’s approach to highway asset management, the incident occurred due to extensive steelwork corrosion in an area buried under ballast, ultimately leading to the development of a wider programme which identified and inspected over 40,000 bridge spans containing hidden critical elements.

Together, the panel will shed light on their holistic approach to the Asset Management and Risk Management of highway structures, from inspections through to investigation, monitoring, repair and assessment. They will focus on hidden critical element (HCE) investigation and will also give an overview of how to manage and monitor structures with HCEs effectively to avoid unforeseen structural issues such as those which occurred during the Stewarton collapse.

Organised and hosted by the ICE’s Merseyside branch, the webinar will also outline how ground penetrating radar and tomography can be utilised for detecting voids in concrete elements and post-tensioned ducts, describing the on-site application of hidden defect detection.

For more information on the webinar and to book your place, click here.

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