• 20 June 2014

VIVID Sydney 2014

Vivid Sydney is a unique annual event of light, music and ideas, featuring many of the world’s most important creative industry forums, a mesmerising free public exhibition of outdoor lighting sculptures and installations, a cutting-edge contemporary music program and the spectacular illumination of Sydney’s iconic architecture including the sails of Sydney Opera House. The festival runs from May 23rd to June 9th 2014.

As last year, Waterman Sydney has again been represented in the lighting extravaganza and provided engineering services to assist in the creation of the following exhibits.

Aurora Australis
As naturally occurring, light spectacles, auroras have fascinated people for centuries. The phenomena is created by a collision of energised particles blown by solar winds, converging to ignite the sky in a symphony of colour and light.

Aurora Australis harnesses the changing winds to create an ethereal kaleidoscope of light against the night sky. Motion sensors determine the movement of Vivid Sydney crowds, which influences the progression of lights projected onto fabric sails suspended from above.

LOL is an interactive installation that invites you to simply laugh out loud in public, together with everyone else, in a loop of contagious collective joy.

Fitness balls float in the harbour, each featuring a digitally manipulated image of a human mouth that smiles happily when you approach. They feel bored when left alone, occasionally whistling to pass the time and tentatively laughing if you get closer.

TetraBIN explores how innovative digital technologies can be used to motivate positive change in urban environments. It tackles the problem of littering by associating the act of rubbish disposal with a fun and rewarding activity.

Waterman Sydney is proud to be associated with VIVID Sydney 2014.