• 9 August 2016

Waterman Appointed for Specialist Landscape Advice to Solihull Council

Waterman Infrastructure & Environment has been appointed by Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to provide landscape character, sensitivity and capacity assessments as part of their Local Plan Evidence Base.

As part our appointment we will be undertaking a critical review of the existing landscape character evidence and producing a comprehensive assessment of landscape character, sensitivity and capacity in and surrounding the Borough of Solihull. The assessment will provide the context for policies and proposals within the Local Plan Review and act as a material consideration in the determination of planning applications. This will involve:

•  Producing a Character Baseline Report
•  Developing a Local Character Guide
•  Producing a comprehensive Landscape Character Assessment
•  Assessing the sensitivity and capacity of each identified character area

Understanding the character of place is a key part of ensuring the protection and enhancement of built and natural environments, managing sustainable economic growth and improving the health and welfare of local communities.

Waterman’s Associate Director for Landscape, Wendy Wright commented; “We are actively working to grow our landscape work stream and we are delighted to have received this high profile appointment with Solihull Council.”

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