• 21 June 2018

Waterman celebrates International Women in Engineering Day

In light of International Women in Engineering Day, we are proud to share insight into six of our female engineers careers to raise awareness about the exciting opportunities in our industry.

Our video and blog campaign features Alice Franks, Ottavia Rispoli, Emily Wingrove, Jennifer Camilletti, Juliet Harshaw and Rand Jasim, in which they tell us why they chose engineering and the most rewarding aspects of their jobs.

You can view our video here to find out what they have to say.

Take the opportunity to read their own blogs and videos below.

  • Emily Wingrove

    Graduate Engineer – Structures

    “There is no reason a woman should ever hesitate to take a career in engineering because the industry is an evolving, exciting and inclusive sector for everyone to work in”

  • Juliet Harshaw

    Senior Engineer – Highways & Infrastructure

    “International Women in Engineering Day is so important because it’s a day where we can reach out to young women around the world to show them what engineering is and how you can be involved”

  • Ottavia Rispoli

    Associate Director – Structures

    “The creativity of an engineer is never going to be replaceable, it’s everywhere – your iPhone, car, the underground, video camera, as well as the building you are sitting in”

  • Rand Jasim

    Graduate Engineer – Infrastructure & Environment

    “After all the hard work and dedication you put into a project, you have something tangible to show for your efforts that everyone can physically see”


  • Jennifer Camilletti

    Design Engineer – Structures

    “It’s important to raise awareness within young women to break down the misconceptions that science and engineering is a male-only industry

  • Alice Franks

    Civil Engineer Undergraduate – Waterman Aspen

    “There are numerous roles in this industry whether you like solving problems, are really creative, or love working within a multi-skilled team. You will fit in perfectly”