• 1 May 2014

Waterman collaborates on BCSC’s flood risk guide

Brendan McCarthy and Sophie Tarran, two of Waterman’s London flood risk team, have collaborated with British Council of Shopping Centres (BCSC) to produce the advisory report – Assessment of Flood Risk (2014).

The aim of the report is to advise on the potential sources and risk of flooding to new and existing developments. It sets out the scope of a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA), and confirms why and when such assessments are required from a policy, health and safety and insurance perspective. The report focuses on the importance of taking into consideration the specific characteristics of each site, and the potential mitigation measures that could be employed to reduce the level of flood risk.

Flooding is anticipated to become more prevalent due to the predicted impacts of climate change. Therefore, all new developments should build in flexibility to mitigate against potential flooding, and existing businesses should seek to raise awareness of the risk of flooding to their premises, to minimise the effects on their operations.

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