• 16 May 2018

Waterman latest leading employer to join Southwark Apprenticeship Standard

Southwark Council has worked closely with the best employers of apprentices across the borough to introduce the Southwark Apprenticeship Standard for quality apprenticeships.

Nick Harrison,  Waterman’s Group Learning and Development Manager, joined the panel at the annual Southwark Apprentice Standard celebration, held at the Southwark Council office on Tooley Street, on 6th March as part of National Apprenticeship Week.

The event celebrated local businesses who have worked with Southwark Council in growing the Southwark Apprenticeship Standard for quality apprenticeships across the borough, which includes our teams at Waterman.

The Standard addresses four key areas that are central to the success of any apprenticeship:

• Securing employment with a minimum contract of 12 months
• Payment of the London Living Wage
• Quality training provisions
• Mentoring and support

Alongside around 60 local employers, training providers, and Cabinet Member Cllr Johnson Situ, Nick was one of two employers to discuss his thoughts on the new standard and our commitment to apprenticeships. The panel also discussed the changes in the apprenticeship process from May 2017, the new apprentice levy, new degree apprenticeships, and sharing of ideas and best practice.

Nick said; “It was an honour to have been personally invited to speak at this event with Southwark Council. As a business, we are always striving to meet the needs of our employees and it was a terrific opportunity to build relationships with our local employers. Sharing ideas and building relationships with the local community is important in ensuring that apprenticeships are effectively supported, and we can identify sources for future apprentice talent.”

For further details on the Southwark Apprentice Standard, click here.

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