• 4 October 2016

Waterman sponsors fibUK DISC 2016 Conference

We are proud to sponsor the fibUK DISC (Federation Internationale du Beton UK – Developments in Structural Concrete) 2016 Conference which will take place on the 16th November at the Institution of Structural Engineers, London.

This year, the annual event will investigate smarter use of concrete from the perspectives of researchers and practitioners exploring how concrete has been used to good effect on the design and construction of projects like Crossrail, high rise residential towers and high speed rail viaducts.

Look out for our team on the day of the conference which will be held on the 16th November at 9 am at the Institution of Structural Engineers in London.

To find out more about the conference, please visit: https://www.istructe.org/events/hq/2016/fibuk-disc-2016-–-developments-in-structural-c-(2)

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