• 1 April 2019

Waterman’s Engineers revise with students at Epping St John’s School

Six members of Waterman Structures, Fraser Paris (Design Engineer), Thomas Wright (Trainee Engineer), Sam Wardle (Graduate Engineer), Emily Wingrove (Graduate Engineer), Jack Bennett (Engineer), and Kevin Paldano (Senior Engineer) joined the Year 13 students at Epping St John’s School for three of their BTEC Engineering classes.

Following their growing relationship with the School, our engineers stepped in to support the students for their up-coming exams. Across three lessons, they discussed various engineering theories, went through past papers and covered topics on statics, dynamics and fluid & thermal dynamics.

Fraser Paris commented of the experience; “We value our relationship with Epping St John’s and have assisted them in the past with various work experiences and career fairs. When they asked us to cover their BTEC classes, we didn’t hesitate to pull a team together and were really impressed with how responsive and keen the students were to learn. The school has since informed us that all the students passed the module, with 50% receiving merit grades, which is a fantastic achievement.”

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