The AirW1 project is the redevelopment of the Regent Palace Hotel into a mixed-use office, retail and residential building for The Crown Estate.

The development consisting of 400,000ft2 of prestigious office floors over eight storeys above ground floor is one of the largest and most prestigious developments in the Quadrant area which is also part of the Regent Street regeneration programme. Retail units are located on the ground floor, residential units are located at the corner of Brewer Street and Sherwood Street, whilst the Atlantic Bar and Grill and the Titanic Bar have been relocated to new locations in the building.

Project Details
  • Client

    The Crown Estate

  • Architect

    Dixon Jones

Waterman provided structural and civil engineering services from planning stage to completion. Our environmental team undertook the EIA and associated environmental works.

In addition to the retained façades in the three corners of the original building, the basement level Apex Room and the Dick’s Bar were retained in-situ. A new transfer structure was introduced at first floor level in order to support the superstructure above this area. This also allowed the ground floor structure which is hung from the first floor to be kept as shallow as possible.

Waterman worked with the main contractor’s engineer to develop a special propping system ‘Spiders’ which consist of elevated pile caps on raking piles to provide temporary support to the existing retaining walls and the excavation to form the new level three basement. The use of 3D Revit model for clash detection during the development of the temporary works design stage also helped to coordinate the temporary structures and the permanent structures and avoided clashes.

The use of the structural 3D Revit model for the structure-services coordination have worked extremely well and have avoided additional site works in forming service holes through the main structures.

The services for the entire Quadrant area (Quadrant 1, 2, 3 and 4) are provided by the energy centre in AirW1 basement. Servicing to the Quadrant 1 is via a 2.4m high x 4.00 wide tunnel below a Victoria main sewer in the adjacent Glass House Street. The tunnel was developed and designed by Waterman.