Haihe Bascule Bridge

Tianjin is a fast growing city, with a population of 9.7 million, and of increasing economic importance. As part of an integrated transport system, a new lifting bridge was designed across the navigable waterway through the city.

Project Details
  • Client

    Ministry of Construction – China

The bridge comprises 2 balanced cantilevers with a main span cantilever of 38.0 metres, balanced under self weight (dead loads) conditions by a back span of 11.5 metres, and a kentledge providing the required counterweight. Under traffic conditions (live loads), the out of balance effects are countered by the uplift reaction at the back span support.

The bridge carries a four lane dual carriageway and two footways with an overall width of approximately 18.0 metres. The clear navigation width is 68 metres.

A steel plate structure was chosen to minimise the weight of the bridge and hence optimise the mechanical requirements to lift the bridge. Twin steel boxes were adopted to provide sufficient bending and shear capacity whilst minimising the required depth. Allowance was made for the effects of seismic activity.

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