Herbert Road

Land at Herbert Road, Newport is allocated for residential purposes in the adopted Unitary Development Plan for 169 dwellings. A Planning Application was submitted for the construction of 250 no. dwellings within the Site, comprising of a mixture of flats and houses.

Waterman carried out a detailed hydrological analysis of the River Usk and the extreme tidal flood risk using ISIS-TUFLOW modelling.  The model outputs were used to inform the final design layout, which included the development of flood mitigation measures.

It was proposed to raise the Site to around 9.8m AOD, with FFLs set at 9.95m AOD. This was to ensure that the development would remain dry during even the most conservative estimation of the 0.5% probability tidal event in 2114 and therefore remain compliant with TAN15.

Additional hydrological analysis was also carried out for a small watercourse through the Site, which included a flow monitoring survey and hydraulic modelling.

A drainage strategy was negotiated with key stakeholders, which removed the need for on-site attenuation.

A noise impact assessment, which needed to account for and provide the necessary mitigation design for an adjacent unrestricted industrial premises and a railway which abuts the site.

An air quality assessment was also carried out to confirm that no off-site mitigation was required as a result of the increased traffic movements associated with the new development.

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