Lower Ashenbottom Viaduct

Waterman was commissioned to undertake an emergency assessment of Lower Ashenbottom Railway Viaduct following collapse of the centre pier. The two affected continuous steel composite spans were assessed as a single span and found to be adequate for dead load only. The bridge was closed to rail traffic and a pier replacement scheme was prepared.

Project Details
  • Client

    Bury MBC / East Lancashire Railway

An innovative contract strategy was used in order to accelerate the contract procurement process and minimise loss of revenue due to the railway line closure and to avoid conflict with an impending Environment Agency embargo on works in the River Irwell.

A two stage tender process with an informal partnering agreement under the NEC/ECC form of contract was adopted. Tenders were invited based on a preliminary design, following which a preferred bidder was chosen.

The structure was subsequently re-opened six months earlier than if a conventional procurement route had been adopted.

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